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Listed November 14, 2016


For Sale

Complete Train

7 ½ in gauge 2 ½ in scale electric RMI 0-6-0 switcher, flat car, gondola and work caboose. Upgraded Parvalux (EMD) 24 volt electric motors and gearbox and 4QD 300 amp controller. Battery charger, 5’ and 8’ maintenance stands and miscellaneous parts.

Asking $20,000.00 firm

Larry Harper



To: Cheryl McInnes, Editor


Hello Cheryl,


My name is Jan Sanderson, and my husband, Jim Sanderson was a member of the Kitsap Live Steamers until his death in July 2010.  I am writing to you as I have some books and Jim's collection of professionally bound magazines that he collected over the years.  I am wondering if any of your members might be interested in any of these as they are quite beautiful.  They are as follows:

Modeltec Volume 6 (May 1989 - April 1990) through Volume 17 (May 200 - April 2001) - a total of 12 volumes

Live Steam Volume 13 (1979) through Volume 43 (2009) - a total of 32 volumes

Grand Scales Quarterly Volume No. 1-12 (July 1997 - July 2000) and Volume No. 13-24 (October 2000 - 2003)

The Steam Locomotive Study Course - Volumes 1-4


I have checked with Powell's Bookstore and they said that each volume would be worth about $20.00 each, but I would be happy to sell them for $10.00 a volume if anyone is interested.  Would it be possible if I offered these through your OrderBoard newsletter?  I am attaching a few photos.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Sincerely, Jan Sanderson



Bob Fuchs at 253-631-8377. No email address





Mountain 4-8-4 Locomotive chassis. All wheels turned and mounted on frame. Some rods completed.


Tender truck wheels turned and mounted on shafts. Several castings for engine and tender plus prints.

Craftsman Lathe Model 101.28970, approximately 1962. 12 by 36 inches in excellent condition. Thread cutting and many tools.



Jet Band Saw/Cut off Saw.

Lots of nuts, bolts and stuff for trains.

Engine Hoist