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Diseased Tree Mitigation Project Impacting KLS Railroad

Kenneth A Olsen  | Published on 3/27/2017
To our members, riders, and supporters of Kitsap Live Steamers Miniature railroad

Diseased Tree Mitigation Project Impacting KLS Railroad


Kitsap County Parks is conducting a diseased tree mitigation project in South Kitsap Regional Park.  The county's forester has identified numerous trees in the park that are affected by a disease he described as 'root rot'.  To combat this condition and promote a healthy forest in the park, the diseased trees will be removed by a contractor hired by the county.  The work is expected to start the last week of March and could last several weeks.  To facilitate the efforts of the tree cutter, KLS has removed some of it's 7 1/2 gauge track, which will be relayed after the diseased trees have been removed.  There is a potential impact to the start of the KLS train ride season, but we will take every step to have our mainline back in place and ready for train operation as soon as possible.

Bill Hartung, KLS board member and track facilitator. 

From the Kitsap County Website:

Root Rot Mitigation and Restoration Thinning at South Kitsap Regional Park

Root rot has plagued South Kitsap Regional Park for many decades. Park patrons have witnessed hundreds of dead standing and fallen Douglas fir and hemlock due to the disease. Winter storms have toppled seemingly healthy fir and hemlock exposing severely rotted anchor roots. This forest health project is expected to start in early March 2017. Portions of the park will need to be closed, including trails, due to the hazardous nature or tree felling and other equipment operations. Click Here for more information.