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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Included are two views of Bill's 7.5" gauge 4-6-2, one of his 7.5" gauge 4-4-0, and a few shots from his 2016 visit to the British Railway Museum in York, England.
Bill's photos from recent years - William C Hartung
10 photos - updated 2/16/2024
Beautiful October 13, 2018 Run Day
10 photos - updated 2/16/2024
Working on the track, garden planter at the depot and other tasks on Saturday March 8th, 2014
Working on the RR, Mar 8, 2014
8 photos - updated 2/16/2024
Working on the RR Jan 25, 2014
Working on the RR Jan 25, 2014
10 photos - updated 2/16/2024
Working on the RR March 28th, 2015
Working on the RR 3-28-15
12 photos - updated 2/16/2024
Pics of KLS for website
Slide show #1 pics - Caden E Powell
22 photos - updated 5/5/2023
Russ Noe's Locomotive Pics - Russell Noe
42 photos - updated 11/14/2022
Hazel Dailey - Dustin J Dailey
11 photos - updated 8/3/2021
The 1.6 inch 4-6-0 I am setting out to build in my garage is based on Sierra Railway #3, housed at the historic roundhouse at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in Jamestown, CA.
4-6-0 Sierra Railway #3 1.6 scale model - Russell G Bates
7 photos - updated 2/19/2021
Photos of the preparation and laying of track for the KLS mainline expansion in nearly 20 years.
Track Expansion Project - William C Hartung
14 photos - updated 12/21/2019
Expanding the Railroad 2 - William C Hartung
11 photos - updated 7/1/2019
Here we see progress in the on-going project to add over 2000 feet to the KLS main line.
Expanding the railroad - William C Hartung
12 photos - updated 3/6/2019
Photos by Bill Hartung at the Washington State Museum and the Puyallup GTS
2019 train shows
36 photos - updated 1/24/2019
Here are views of Kitsap Live Steamers trains at the state history museum's annual Model Train Festival and at the Great American Train Show
Model Train Shows 2019 - William C Hartung
14 photos - updated 1/13/2019
WindStorm 11-2017
WindStorm 11-2017
7 photos - updated 11/24/2017
Member photos from Austria
Russ Dunn's Rayonier and shop - Russell A Dunn
14 photos - updated 7/9/2017
Here are several views of the logging to remove diseased trees at South Kitsap Regional Park.  The logging took place from April through June of 2017.
Logging the diseased trees at the railroad - William C Hartung
10 photos - updated 6/28/2017
During WW2 Germany built over 7000 "Kriegsloks".One company started to build an Articulated 2-6-8-0 loco based on Kriegslok parts. The government of the time blocked it but all the data still exists.
Building a BR 53 Articulated Loco - Russell A Dunn
4 photos - updated 6/20/2017
These are photos, movies and slide shows of recent KLS activities.
Photos of KLS activities
20 photos - updated 4/25/2017
member of the year 2017 - Caden E Powell
1 photos - updated 2/14/2017
meeting at park with Arno - Caden E Powell
4 photos - updated 2/14/2017
Photos of the GTE in 2016
GTE train show 2016 - Caden E Powell
13 photos - updated 1/11/2017
Tom gives a tour to a group of local Montessori school kids.
Montessori kids - Gregory Slobodzian
7 photos - updated 12/27/2016
These Photos are from the old website.
Photos from Old Website
23 photos - updated 3/9/2016
photos of the 2015 triiennial
2015 TRIENNIAL - Daniel L Simmons
10 photos - updated 2/13/2016
@015 Great Train Expo Puyallup Fair Grounds
GTE 2015 - Jeff H Mills
4 photos - updated 12/8/2015
SMVRR Super Huskie Calf and Cow
SMVRR Super Huskie Calf and Cow - Don Rogers
3 photos - updated 8/18/2015
77" Astride Car
1 photos - updated 3/16/2015
Fun at KLS - Larry Harper
18 photos - updated 12/3/2014
My Pacific
Ken Olsen's Photo Album - Kenneth A Olsen
6 photos - updated 12/3/2014