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Lynn Peterson

President - Lynn Peterson

At the age of 5 I got my first HO scale train set.  Since that time I've had a number of other hobbies and interests, but my orbit always brings me back to trains, whether it is 1:1 scale or N, HO, G, S, and Lionel 3 rail O gauge trains.  Back in the early 90's I discovered the 7.5 inch gauge ride on model train hobby.  I was always interested in it, but figured it was out of reach.  As time went on, I decided I need to investigate the options and came across KLS a number of years ago.  I found KLS to be a great match for learning about the hobby, enjoyed running trains, and doing some videography for our Facebook page.  The board appointed me to VP to complete a vacated office and then I stepped up for another term to give back to the organization in one of the ways I could.  I accepted the nomination for president so I could continue to carry the baton for the "team" so that others can step back in after taking well deserved breaks to explore other aspects of this hobby, other interests, focus on family, and just rest.



Bill and his Pacific
Vice President -Bill Hartung

A navy brat, Bill attended schools in California, Florida, Maryland and Virginia. He holds degrees in Theater Arts from Florida State University and the University of Virginia. Early in his working life Bill was a performer and production manager for Dinner Theaters of America, and appeared in several films produced in Italy. Later, his love of aviation led to over 30 years of project management at the Boeing Airplane Company. Bill's love of trains dates to a visit to a miniature railroad with his father, followed by a Lionel train set under the Christmas tree soon after. Bill's current live steam railroad is named for a wildlife preserve located near the home he shares with his sweetheart, Sylvia.

John at IGRR

Secretary - John Bartlow

I've been involved in the Live Steam train hobby since the 1980's when my dad (Jerry Bartlow) built his 0-4-0 Marie Estelle. I have enjoyed riding and running his locomotive at various local tracks (Index & Galena, Woodinville, Over the Hill Live Steamers, Burnaby and others).  During the following years, our family enjoyed trips to Burnaby and Train Mountain with he and my mom. The train bug then lay dormant for a few years until cleaning out his home & workshop in 2020. I have acquired his equipment and thanks to assistance from Ken Olsen to get his locomotive running again, my interest in the hobby has returned and I've taken on the job of completing an Allen Ten Wheeler that he had begun.  I've enjoyed running my locomotive at KLS and helping with run days as conductor and engineer on both the club engines and Ken Olsen's Pacific.

I'm not local to the Port Orchard area, so helping at the track on a regular basis is not practical. Taking on the role of Webmaster and now Secretary gives me the opportunity to be involved more in the 'back end' of helping the organization and give back to the hobby that has been a significant part of my life over the years.

Ken Kaivo

Treasurer - Ken Kaivo

Like many other KLS members, I have been involved with “electric” trains since early childhood and am a Lifetime Member of both the NMRA and the PNW for several decades. After seeing Dennis Weaver’s Shay under construction at many NMRA train shows at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle and a run day visit to the KLS, Luva, Josh and I joined KLS back in 2000 as a family. I really enjoy seeing the smiles on our riders both young and old on run days at the park. I try to make it out to every regular run day to help operate the trains either as engineer or conductor. The distance from home to the track makes it difficult to come out to help out on workdays.

Late in 2016 the KLS president asked me if I would consider stepping up as treasurer to take Jerry Crane’s unexpired term. That was just what I needed to feel like I was contributing more than just playing with trains on run days.

I do currently own and sometimes operate the following.

2-1/2” Scale Equipment

25 Ton RMI 2-Axle Switcher w/side rods “Chehalis Valley Shortline”

65 Ton RMI 2-Truck Switcher w/side rods (Ketchikan Pulp)

Homebuilt engineer’s car (unlettered)

1-1/2” Scale Equipment

Caboose, Gondola, Work Caboose, and Gondola

Frame and Parts for a Two Truck Shay

Over the years I have enjoyed sharing my love of trains with the many club members I have met as well as the hundreds if not thousands of general public riders. Many of whom are now lifelong friends.

Craig Mangeng

Director 1 - Craig Mangeng

I have lived in Port Orchard for over 30 years and found the group a few years ago when a car club I am associated with came down to ride the trains and tour the facility. That was the spark that lit the fire; it took a few more years until I had more time available to make first contact. J  

This is my first full year with KLS, so still new to the group. I gather on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the work crew most weeks and do my best to help out on run days throughout the run season.

I showed up for the first time at the 2023 KLS Annual meeting. 

I have always enjoyed O-27 gauge trains, at least I like to hoard the stuff and will eventually get a layout set up. I am new to the 7-1/2 inch gauge and recently purchase 8000 feet of aluminum rail, 1300 feet of steel rail, 3500-4000 cedar ties as well as clips and screws to build a small track on my home property.  I am also the proud owner of the retired KLS battery electric engine the F7.

I enjoy the comradery of the group and the enjoyment and feeling of accomplishment after a successful run day. I remain in awe of what the club has created and look forward to being part of what it leaves to the generation that follows.

Craig Mangeng

Drew Brown on Milwaukee

Director 2 - Drew Brown


Long ago, Becky and I were trying to get the Kitsap County Parks department to reopen a beach side park in Olalla. We attended many meetings with the Parks Advisory Board. It was at these board meetings we met an elderly couple, Barb and Neilsen. They shared about KLS and invited us to come on out. After taking them up on the offer, I was hooked. I came back for many laps through the woods. During that time, Karl was born. KLS gave me a reason for an outing with my baby Karl. Every time I was greeted by Barb and Neilsen. During one of these greet sessions, a picture was taken with Karl and I It was put into the KLS Orderboard. (July 2015 “Barbara with one of our younger riders” Photo by Greg Slobodzian)

My wife had been asking for many years when I was going to join the KLS family. When I came upon a Facebook post advertising the training session for engineers, I had to join. I paid my dues and filled out the paperwork for that weekend's training. Quickly I learned there was a potluck lunch every run day for the volunteers. The rest is history.

Dan Simmons

Director 3 - Dan Simmons

 I joined the club when giving a gift membership so I could accompany my grandson ( Caden ) who loved trains. I whined and complained and kept saying “ I don’t want a train” ( but have four trains now ).

 I  think of KLS as my second family of diverse wonderful people who want to share their passion for trains to members and public. I enjoy my time at KLS thanks to the friendships developed through the enthusiasm of our hobby.